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Agriculture Terms Beginning With D

Dacthal (DCPA) Dairy and Tobacco Adjustment Act of 1983
Dairy Diversion Program Dairy Export Incentive Program (DEIP)
Dairy Market Loss Assistance Program (DMLA) Dairy Price Support Program
Dairy Promotion Program Dairy Termination Program
Data call-in DC
DDT Dealer trust
Debt-asset ratio Decoupling
Deductions (food stamps) Deferred pricing
Deficiency payments Defoliant
DEIP Delaney Clause
Delayed pricing Delivery
Delivery month Delivery point
Demurrage Department of Agriculture Reorganization Act of 1994
Department of Agriculture (USDA) Department of the Interior (DOI)
Dermal toxicity DES
Desiccant Designated uses of water
Desired future condition Desired plant community
Developing countries Development easement
Dietary Guidelines for Americans Dietary supplements
Diethylstibestrol (DES) Differential assessment
Dioxin Direct export credit
Direct marketing; farmer-to-consumer direct marketing Direct payments
Disaster payments Discharge
Disease vectors Dispute Settlement Body (DSB)
Dissolved oxygen (DO) Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant and Loan Program (DLT)
Diversion payments DMLA
Dockage Doctrine of prior appropriation
DOI Domestic farm labor
Domestic price Double cropping
Downer (or downed animals) DPSP
Drainage Drainage basin
Drainage wells DRES
Dryland farming DSB
DTP Dumping
Durum wheat Duty, import

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