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Coastal Science Terms Beginning With B

Backshore Backwash
Backwash ripples Bank
Bar Barrier beach
Barrier island Barrier spit
Basin Bathymetry
Bay Baymouth bar
Beach Beach crest
Beach erosion Beach face
Beach head Beach nourishment
Beach profile Beach Ridge
Beach scarp Beach width
Beaufort Scale Bed
Bed load Bedding plane
Bench Bench mark
Bench mark, tidal Benefits
Benthic Benthos
Berm Berm breakwater
Berm crest Bifurcation
Bight Blowout
Bluff Bog
Boil Bottom boundary layer
Boulder Box gage
Breaching Breaker
Breaker index Breaker zone
Breaking depth Breakwater
Buffer area Bulkhead
Buoy Buoyancy
Bypassing, sand  

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