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Coastal Science Terms Beginning With C

California current Calm
Camera, aerial Camera, metric
Canal Cape
Capillary wave Carrying capacity
Cartography Celerity
Change of tide Channel
Chart datum Choppy sea
Clastic rocks Clay
Cliff Climate change
Co-tidal lines Coast
Coastal currents Coastal defense
Coastal forcing Coastal management
Coastal plain Coastal processes
Coastal zone Coastline
Cobble Collapsing
Colloid Comber
Compass, surveyor’s Confluence
Conservation Continental shelf
Continental slope Contour current
Contour line Control, geodetic
Control, ground Control, horizontal
Control network Control, photogrammetric
Control, vertical Controlling depth
Coordinate system Core
Coriolis effect Coset
Countercurrent Cove
Creek Creep
Crenulate Cross-bedding
Cross sea Cross-shore
Current Current meter
Cusp Cuspate
Cuspate foreland Cuspate sandkey
Cuspate spit  

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