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Coastal Science Terms Beginning With D

Daily retardation of tides Dam
Datum Datum plane
Davidson current Debris line
Decay area Decay distance
Decay of waves Deep water
Deep water waves Deflation
Degradation Delta
Density-driven circulation Density stratification
Depression Depth
Depth, controlling Design storm
Design wave Detached breakwater
Detritus Diapositive
Differential erosion / weathering Diffraction
Dike Direction of current
Direction of waves Direction of wind
Disperse Dispersion
Diurnal Diurnal current
Diurnal inequality Dock
Double ebb (tidal) Double flood (tidal)
Double tide Downdrift
Downwelling Drainage basin
Dredging Drift current
Drift sector Drying beach
Dunes Duration
Duration, minimum Duration of ebb
Duration of fall Duration of flood
Duration of rise Dynamic equilibrium

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