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Coastal Science Terms Beginning With S

Salient Salinity
Salinity gradient Salt-wedge estuary
Saltation Sand
Sand bar Sand dune
Sand spit Sand waves
Scarp Scour protection
Sea Sea breeze
Sea cliff Sea defenses
Sea grass Sea level rise
Sea puss Seacoast
Seamount Seashore
Seawall Sechhi disk
Sediment Sediment cell
Sediment sink Sediment source
Sediment transport Sediment transport paths
Seismic reflection Seismic refraction
Seismic waves Semidiurnal
Semidiurnal tide Sensing, remote
Set (of current) Setback
Shallow water Shallow water wave
Sheet erosion Sheet flow
Sheet, smooth Shelf, continental
Shingle Shoal
Shore Shore terrace
Shoreface Shoreline
Shoreline management Short-crested wave
Significant wave Significant wave height
Significant wave period Silt
Slack water (slack tide) Slide
Slip face Slope
Slough Slump
Small diurnal range Soft defenses
Soil Soil horizons
Solitary wave Sorting
Sound Sounding
Sounding datum Sounding line
Spilling Spit
Spring range Spring tidal currents
Spring tide Stand of tide
Standing wave Station, control
Step Stillwater level (SWL)
Stone Storm surge
Strait Strand
Strand line Stratigraphy
Stream Stream current
Structural geology Sub-aerial beach
Sub-tidal beach Subduction zone
Submarine canyon Submergent coast
Subordinate station Subsidence
Surf Surf beat
Surf zone Surface gravity wave (progressive)
Surface water wave Surface wave
Surge Surging
Survey, control Survey, hydrographic
Survey, photogrammetric Survey, topographic
Suspended load Swash
Swash bars Swash channel
Swash mark Swash zone

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