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Enviromental Science Terms Beginning With A

Abandoned Well Abatement
Abatement Debris Absorbed Dose
Absorption Absorption Barrier
Accident Site Acclimatization
Acid Aerosol Acid Deposition
Acid Mine Drainage Acid Neutralizing Capacity
Acid Rain Acidic
Acidic deposition Acre-foot (acre-ft.)
ACScale Sound Level Action Levels
Activated Carbon Activated Sludge
Activator Active Ingredient
Activity Plans Acute Exposure
Acute Toxicity Adaptation
Add-on Control Device Adequately Wet
Administered Dose Administrative Order
Administrative Order On Consent Administrative Procedures Act
Administrative Record Adsorption
Adsorption isotherm Adulterants
Adulterated Advanced Treatment
Advanced Wastewater Treatment Advection
Adverse Effects Data Advisory
Aerate Aerated Lagoon
Aeration Aeration Tank
Aerobic Aerobic Treatment
Aerosol Affected Landfill
Affected Public Afterburner
Age Tank Agent
Agent Orange Agricultural Pollution
Agroecosystem AHERA Designated Person (ADP)
Air Binding Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)
Air Cleaning Air Contaminant
Air Curtain Air Exchange Rate
Air Gap Air Handling Unit
Air Mass Air Monitoring
Air Padding Air Permeability
Air Plenum Air Pollutant
Air Pollution Control Device Air Pollution Episode
Air Quality Criteria Air Quality Standards
Air-space-ratio Air Sparging
Air Stripping Air Toxics
Airborne Particulates Airborne Release
Air/Oil Table Alachlor
Alar Aldicarb
Algae Algal bloom
Algal Blooms Algicide
Aliquot Alkaline
Alkalinity Allergen
Alluvial Alluvium
Alpine snow glade Alternate Method
Alternative Compliance Alternative Fuels
Alternative Remedial Contract Strategy Contractors Ambient Air
Ambient Air Quality Standards Ambient Measurement
Ambient Medium Ambient Temperature
Amprometric Titration Anadromous fish
Anaerobic Anaerobic Decomposition
Animal Dander Animal Studies
Anisotropic mass Anisotropy
Annular Space, Annulus Antagonism
Anthropogenic Anti-Degradation Clause
Anti-Microbial Anticline
Apparent ground-water velocity Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARARs)
Applied Dose Aquaculture
Aquatic Aqueous
Aqueous Solubility Aquiclude
Aquifer Aquifer system
Aquifer Test Aquifuge
Aquitard Architectural Coatings
Area of influence of a well Area of Review
Area Source Aromatics
Arroyo Arsenicals
Artesian Artesian aquifer
Artesian (Aquifer or Well) Artesian well
Artificial recharge Asbestos
Asbestos Abatement Asbestos Assessment
Asbestos-Containing Waste Materials (ACWM) Asbestos Program Manager
Asbestosis Ash
Assay Assessment Endpoint
Assimilation Assimilative Capacity
Association of Boards of Certification Atmospheric pressure
Attainment Area Attenuation
Attractant Attrition
Availability Session Available Chlorine
Average interstitial velocity Avoided Cost

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