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Enviromental Science Terms Beginning With B

Back Pressure Backflow/Back Siphonage
Background Level Backwashing
Backwater Backyard Composting
BACT-Best Available Control Technology Bacteria
Baffle Baffle Chamber
Baghouse Filter Bailer
Baling Ballistic Separator
Band Application Bank storage
Banking Bar Screen
Barrel Sampler Barrier bar
Barrier beach Barrier Coating(s)
Basal Application Basalt
Base flow Baseline monitoring
Basic Bean Sheet
Bed Load Bed material
Bedrock BEN
Bench-scale Tests Benefit-Cost Analysis
Benthic organism Bentonite
Beryllium Best Available Control Measures (BACM)
Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT)
Best Management Practice (BMP) Bimetal
Bind Bioaccumulants
Bioassay Bioavailabiliity
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Biochemical-oxygen demand (BOD)
Biochemical process Bioconcentration
Biodegradable Biodiversity
Biological Contaminants Biological Control
Biological Integrity Biological Magnification
Biological Measurement Biological Medium
Biological Oxidation Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Biological Stressors Biological Treatment
Biologically Effective Dose Biologicals
Biomass Biome
Biomonitoring Bioremediation
Biosensor Biosphere
Biostabilizer Biota
Biotechnology Biotic Community
Biotransformation Blackwater
Blood Products Bloom
Blowout BOD5
Body Burden Bog
Boiler Bolson
Boom Boreal
Borehole Bosque
Botanical Pesticide Bottle Bill
Bottom Ash Bottom land
Bottom-land forest Bottom Land Hardwoods
Bounding Estimate Brackish
Brackish water Breakpoint Chlorination
Breakthrough Breakthrough curve
Breathing Zone Brine
Brine Mud British Thermal Unit
Broadcast Application Brownfields
Bubble Bubble Policy
Buffer Buffer Strips
Building Cooling Load Building Envelope
Building Related Illness Buildup
Bulk Sample Bulky Waste
Buy-Back Center By-product

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