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Enviromental Science Terms Beginning With D

Darcian velocity Darcy's law
Data Call-In Data Quality Objectives (DQOs)
Day Tank DDT
Dead End Deadmen
Decant Dechlorination
Deciduous Decomposition
Decontamination Deep percolation
Deep-Well Injection Deepwater habitat
Deflocculating Agent Defluoridation
Defoliant Degasification
Degraded Degree-Day
Degree of saturation Delegated State
Delist Delta
Demand-side Waste Management Demineralization
Denitrification Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL)
Density Depletion Curve
Depressurization Dermal Absorption/Penetration
Dermal Exposure Dermal Toxicity
DES Desalination
Desiccant Design Capacity
Design Value Designated Pollutant
Designated Uses Designer Bugs
Desorption Destination Facility
Destratification Destroyed Medical Waste
Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) Destruction Facility
Desulfurization Detectable Leak Rate
Detection Criterion Detection Limit
Detention Time Detergent
Development Effects Dewater
Diatomaceous Earth (Diatomite) Diazinon
Dibenzofurans Dicofol
Differential water capacity Diffused Air
Diffusion Diffusion, convective
Diffusivity, hydraulic Diffusivity, soil water
Digester Digestion
Dike Diluent
Dilution Ratio Dimictic
Dinocap Dinoseb
Dioxin Direct Discharger
Direct Filtration Direct Push
Direct Runoff Discharge
Discharge area Discharge area (ground water)
Disinfectant Disinfectant By-Product
Disinfectant Time Dispersant
Dispersion coefficient Dispersion, longitudinal
Dispersion, mechanical Dispersion, transverse
Dispersivity Displacement Savings
Disposables Disposal
Disposal Facilities Disposal well
Dissolved oxygen Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Dissolved Solids Distillation
Distribution coefficient Disturbance
Diversion Diversion Rate
DNA Hybridization Dobson Unit (DU)
Dolomite Domestic Application
Dominant plant Dosage/Dose
Dose Equivalent Dose Rate
Dose Response Dose-Response Assessment
Dose Response Curve Dose-Response Relationship
Dosimeter DOT Reportable Quantity
Downgradienat Downstream Processors
DP Hole Draft
Draft Permit Drainage
Drainage Basin Drainage Well
Drawdown Dredging
Drilling Fluid Drinking Water Equivalent Level
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Drive Casing
Drive Point Profiler Drop-off
Drought Dual-Phase Extraction
Dump Duplicate
Dustfall Jar Dystrophic Lakes

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