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Enviromental Science Terms Beginning With I

Identification Code or EPA I.D. Number Igneous rocks
Ignitable IM240
Imhoff Cone Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH)
Imminent Hazard Imminent Threat
Immiscibility Immiscible
Immobilize Impaired
Impermeable Imports
Impoundment In-Line Filtration
In Situ In-situ density
In-Situ Flushing In-Situ Oxidation
In-Situ Stripping In-Situ Vitrification
In Vitro In Vivo
Incident Command Post Incident Command System (ICS)
Incineration Incineration at Sea
Incinerator Incompatible Waste
Indemnification Indicator
Indirect Discharge Indirect Source
Indoor Air Indoor Air Pollution
Indoor Climate Indurated
Industrial Pollution Prevention Industrial Process Waste
Industrial Sludge Industrial Source Reduction
Industrial Waste Inert Ingredient
Inertial Separator Infectious Agent
Infectious Waste Infiltration
Infiltration capacity Infiltration Gallery
Infiltration Rate Inflow
Influent Influent stream
Information Collection Request (ICR) Information File
Inhalable Particles Initial Compliance Period(Water)
Injection Well Injection Zone
Innovative Technologies Innovative Treatment Technologies
Inoculum Inorganic
Inorganic Chemicals Inorganic soil
Insecticide Inspection and Maintenance (I/M)
Institutional Waste Instream Use
Integrated drainage Integrated Exposure Assessment
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Integrated Waste Management
Interceptor Sewers Interface
Interfacial Tension Interim (Permit) Status
Intermittent stream Intermontane
Internal Dose Internal drainage
Interstate Carrier Water Supply Interstate Commerce Clause
Interstate Waters Interstice
Interstitial Monitoring Intertidal
Intrastate Product Intrinsic permeability
Inventory (TSCA) Inversion
Ion Ion Exchange Treatment
Ionization Chamber Ionizing Radiation
IRIS Irradiated Food
Irradiation Irreversible Effect
Irrigation Irrigation Efficiency
Irrigation Return Flow Irritant
Isoconcentration Isopleth
Isotope Isotropic mass

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