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Enviromental Science Terms Beginning With M

Macropores Magnetic Separation
Main stem Major Modification
Major Stationary Sources Majors
Man-Made (Anthropogenic) Beta Particle and Photon Emitters Management Plan
Managerial Controls Mandatory Recycling
Manifest Manifest System
Manual Separation Manufacturer's Formulation
Manufacturing Use Product Margin of Exposure (MOE)
Margin of Safety Marine Sanitation Device
Marine wetland Marsh
Material Category Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Material Type Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
Matric potential Matrix
Maturity Maturity (stream)
Maximally (or Most) Exposed Individual Maximum Acceptable Toxic Concentration
Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT) Maximum Contaminant Level
Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) Maximum Exposure Range
Maximum Residue Level Maximum Tolerated Dose
Mean high tide Mean low tide
Measure of Effect/ Measurement Endpoint Measure of Exposure
Mechanical Aeration Mechanical dispersion
Mechanical dispersion, coefficient Mechanical Separation
Mechanical Turbulence Media
Medical Surveillance Medical Waste
Medium-size Water System Meniscus
Mercury (Hg) Mesotrophic
Metabolites Metalimnion
Metamorphic rocks Methane
Methanol Method 18
Method 24 Method 25
Method Detection Limit (MDL) Methoxychlor
Methyl Orange Alkalinity Microbial Growth
Microbial Pesticide Microclimate
Microenvironmental Method Microenvironments
Million-Gallons Per Day (MGD) Mineral soil
Minimization Mining of an Aquifer
Mining Waste Minor Source
Minors Miscellaneous ACM
Miscellaneous materials Miscible
Miscible displacement Miscible Liquids
Missed Detection Mist
Mitigation Mixed Funding
Mixed Glass Mixed Liquor
Mixed Metals Mixed Municipal Waste
Mixed Paper Mixed Plastic
Mobile Incinerator Systems Mobile Source
Model Model Plant
Modified Bin Method Modified Source
Moisture Content Moisture equivalent
Moisture tension Moisture volume percentage
Moisture weight percentage Molecular diffusion, coefficient of,
Molecular diffusion (diffusion) Molecule
Molten Salt Reactor Monitoring
Monitoring Well Monoclonal Antibodies (Also called MABs and MCAs)
Monomictic Montane
Montreal Protocol Moraine
Moratorium Morbidity
Mortality Most Probable Number
Muck Muck Soils
Mudballs Mulch
Multi-Media Approach Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Multiple Use Multistage Remote Sensing
Municipal Discharge Municipal Sewage
Municipal Sludge Municipal Solid Waste
Muskeg Mutagen/Mutagenicity

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