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Enviromental Science Terms Beginning With P

Packaging Packed Bed Scrubber
Packed Tower Packer
Palatable Water Palustrine wetlands
Pandemic Paper
Paper Processor/Plastics Processor Parameter
Paraquat Parshall Flume
Part A Permit, Part B Permit Participation Rate
Particle Count Particulate Loading
Particulate transport Particulates
Partition Coefficient Partitioning function
Parts Per Billion (ppb)/Parts Per Million (ppm) Passive Smoking/Secondhand Smoke
Passive Treatment Walls Pathogen
Pathogens Pathway
Pay-As-You-Throw/Unit-Based Pricing Peak Electricity Demand
Peak Levels Peat
Peclet number Pellicular water
Percent saturation Percent Saturatiuon
Perched ground water Perched Water
Percolating Water Percolation
Perennial stream Performance Bond
Performance Data (For Incinerators) Performance Standards
Periphyton Permafrost
Permeability Permeability coefficient
Permeability, effective Permeability, intrinsic
Permeability, relative Permeability, specific
Permissible Dose Permit
Persistence Persistent Pesticides
Personal Air Samples Personal Measurement
Personal Protective Equipment Pest
Pest Control Operator Pesticide
Pesticide Regulation Notice Pesticide Tolerance
PETE (Polyethylene Terepthalate) Petroleum
Petroleum Derivatives pH
Pharmacokinetics Phenolphthalein Alkalinity
Phenols Phosphates
Phosphogypsum Piles (Stacks) Phosphorus
Phosphorus Plants Photochemical Oxidants
Photochemical Smog Photosynthesis
Phreatic line Phreatic surface
Physical and Chemical Treatment Physiographic province
Physiography Phytoplankton
Phytoremediation Phytotoxic
Phytotreatment Picocuries Per Liter pCi/L)
Piezometer Piezometric surface
Pilot Tests Pioneer plant
Piping Placer
Plankton Plasma-Arc Reactor
Plasmid Plastics
Plate Tower Scrubber Playa
Playa lake Plug Flow
Plugging Plume
Plutonium PM-10/PM-2.5
Pneumoconiosis Pocosin
Point-of-Contact Measurement of Exposure Point-of-Disinfectant Application
Point-of-Use Treatment Device Point Source
Pollen Pollutant
Pollutant or contaminant Pollutant Pathways
Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) Pollution
Pollution Prevention Polonium
Polyelectrolytes Polymer
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Population
Population at Risk Pore
Pore space Pore velocity
Porosity Portal-of-Entry Effect
Post-Chlorination Post-Closure
Post-Consumer Materials/Waste Post-Consumer Recycling
Potable Water Potential
Potential density Potential Dose
Potential drop Potential evapotranspiration
Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Potentiation
Potentiometric Surface Prairie pothole
Pre-Consumer Materials/Waste Pre-Harvest Interval
Precautionary Principle Prechlorination
Precipitate Precipitation
Precipitator Precursor
Preliminary Assessment Prescriptive
Pressed Wood Products Pressure head
Pressure, hydrostatic Pressure Sewers
Pressure, Static Pressure, Total
Pressure, Velocity Pretreatment
Prevalent Level Samples Prevalent Levels
Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Primacy
Primary Drinking Water Regulation Primary Effect
Primary Standards Primary Waste Treatment
Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents (POHCs) Prior Appropriation
Pristine Probability of Detection
Process Variable Process Verification
Process Wastewater Process Weight
Producers Product Level
Product Water Products of Incomplete Combustion (PICs)
Project XL Propellant
Proportionate Mortality Ratio (PMR) Proposed Plan
Proteins Protocol
Protoplast Protozoa
Public Comment Period Public Health Approach
Public Health Context Public Hearing
Public Notice Public Water System
Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) Pumping Station
Pumping Test Purging
Putrefaction Putrescible

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