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Enviromental Science Terms Beginning With R

Radiation Radiation Standards
Radio Frequency Radiation Radioactive Decay
Radioactive Substances Radioisotope
Radioisotopes Radionuclide
Radionuclide retardation Radius of Influence
Radius of Vulnerability Zone Radon
Radon Daughters/Radon Progeny Radon Decay Products
Rain shadow Rainbow Report
Rasp Raw Agricultural Commodity
Raw Sewage Raw Water
Re-entry Reach
Reaction path modeling Reaeration
Real-Time Monitoring Reasonable Further Progress
Reasonable Maximum Exposure Reasonable Worst Case
Reasonably Available Control Measures (RACM) Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT)
Recarbonization Receiving Waters
Receptor Recessional moraine
Recharge Recharge Area
Recharge area (ground water) Recharge capacity
Recharge (ground water) Recharge Rate
Reclamation Recombinant DNA
Recommended Maximum Contaminant Level (RMCL) Reconstructed Source
Reconstruction of Dose Record of Decision (ROD)
Recovery Rate Recurrence interval
Recycle/Reuse Recycling and Reuse Business Assistance Centers
Recycling Economic Development Advocates Recycling Mill
Recycling Technical Assistance Partnership National Network Red Bag Waste
Red Border Red Tide
Redemption Program Reduction
Reentry Interval Reference Dose (RfD)
Reformulated Gasoline Refueling Emissions
Refuse Refuse Reclamation
Regeneration Regional Response Team (RRT)
Registrant Registration
Registration Standards Regolith
Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM) Regulated Medical Waste
Regulation (of a stream) Relative Ecological Sustainability
Relative Permeability Relative Risk Assessment
Release Remedial Action (RA)
Remedial Design Remedial Investigation
Remedial Project Manager (RPM) Remedial Response
Remediation Remote Sensing
Removal Action Renewable Energy Production Incentive (REPI)
Repeat Compliance Period Reportable Quantity (RQ)
Repowering Representative Sample
Reregistration Reserve Capacity
Reservoir Residential Use
Residential Waste Residual
Residual Risk Residual Saturation
Residue Resistance
Resource Recovery Response Action
Responsiveness Summary Restoration
Restricted Entry Interval Restricted Use
Restriction Enzymes Retardation factor
Retrofit Return flow
Reuse Reverse Osmosis
Reversible Effect Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
Rill Ringlemann Chart
Riparian Riparian Habitat
Riparian Rights Risk
Risk (Adverse) for Endangered Species Risk Assessment
Risk-based Targeting Risk Characterization
Risk Communication Risk Estimate
Risk Factor Risk for Non-Endangered Species
Risk Management Risk-Specific Dose
River Basin Riverine wetlands
Rodenticide Rotary Kiln Incinerator
Rough Fish Route of Exposure
Rubbish Run-Off
Running Losses Runoff

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