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Genetics Terms Beginning With B

B form DNA Bacillus
Back mutation Backcross
Bacterial lawn Bacteriophage(phage)
Balanced lethal system Balanced polymorphism
Balbiani ring Barr body
Basal body Base analogue
Batesian mimicry Bead theory
Beta-galactosidase Beta-galactoside acetyltransferase
Beta-galactoside permease Bimodal distribution
Binary fission Binomial expansion
Binomial theorem Biochemical genetics
Biolistic Biological species concept
Biparental zygote Bivalent
Blastoderm Blastomere
Blastopore Blastula
Blending inheritance Blunt-end ligation
Bottleneck Brachydactyly
Branch migration Breakage and reunion
Breakage-fusion-bridge cycle Bridging cross
Broad heritability (H"2) Bud
Buoyant density Buoyant density of DNA
Burkitt lymphoma  

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