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Genetics Terms Beginning With E

E (exit site) Ecdysone
Ectopic expression Ectopic integration
EFGHABCD Electrophoresis
Electroporation Elongation factors (EF-Ts, EF-Tu, EF-G)
Embryonic (or tissue) polarity Endogenote
Endomitosis Endonuclease
Endopolyploidy Endosperm
Enforced outbreeding Enhancer
Enhancer trap Enriched medium
Enucleate cell Environment
Environmental variance Enzyme
Episome Epistasis
Equational division Equivalence group
Ethidium Euchromatin
Eugenics Eukaryote
Eukaryotic cell Euploid
Euploidy Evolution
Evolutionary rate Excision repair
Exconjugant Exogenote
Exon Exon shuffling
Exonuclease Experimental design
Exploitation competition Expressed sequence tag (EST)
Expression vector Expressivity

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