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Genetics Terms Beginning With F

F+(plus) cell F-duction
F factor F-(minus) cell
F-pili F1 generation
F2 generation Factorial
Facultative heterochromatin Familial trait
Family selection Fanconi's anemia
Fate map Fecundity selection
Feedback inhibition Fertility factor (F factor)
Filial generation Filter enrichment
Fimbriae Fingerprint
First division segregation (FDS) Fitness (W)
Fixed allele Fixed breakage point
Fluctuation test FMET
Focus map Fokker-Planck equation
Footprinting Formylmethionine(fmet)
Forward mutation Founder effect
F'(prime) factor Fragile site
Fragile-X syndrome Frameshift
Frameshift mutation Frequency-dependent fitness
Frequency-dependent selection Frequency histogram
Frequency-independent selection Frequency-interdependent fitness
Fruiting body Functional alleles
Fundamental number  

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