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Genetics Terms Beginning With H

H-Y antigen Haemoglobin (hb)
Haemophilia Half-chromatid conversion
Haplodiploidy Haploid
Haploidization Haplotype
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium Harlequin chromosome
HAT medium Heat-shock protein
Helicase Helix-turn-helix (HLH) protein
Helix-turn-helix motif Hemizygous
Hemizygous gene Heredity
Heritability Heritability in the broad sense
Heritability in the narrow sense Hermaphrodite
Heterochromatin Heteroduplex
Heteroduplex analysis Heteroduplex DNA
Heteroduplex DNA model Heteroduplex mapping
Heterogametic sex Heterogeneous nuclear mRNA (hnRNA)
Heterokaryon Heterokaryon test
Heteromorphic chromosomes Heteroplasmon
Heteroplasmy Heterothallic
Heterothallic fungus Heterotroph
Heterozygosity Heterozygote
Heterozygote advantage Heterozygous DNA
Heterozygous gene pair Hexaploid
Hfr Himalayan
His Histocompatibility antigen
Histocompatibility gene Histone
HnRNA Hogness box
Holandric trait Holoenzyme
Homeo-box Homeo-domain
Homeologous chromosomes Homeosis
Homeotic mutations (genes) Homogametic sex
Homologous chromosomes Homologous recombination
Homologue Homomorphic chromosomes
Homoplasmy Homothallic
Homothallic fungus Homozygote
Homozygous gene pair Hormone
Hormone response element (HRE) Host range
Hot spot Huntington's disease
Hybrid Hybrid DNA
Hybrid dysgenesis Hybrid plasmid
Hybrid vector/hybrid vehicle Hybrid zone
Hybridization in situ Hybridize
Hybridoma Hydrogen bond
Hydroxyapatite Hypermorph
Hyperploid Hypervariable locus
Hypervariable region Hypha (plural hyphae)
Hypomorph Hypoploid
Hypostatic gene  

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