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Genetics Terms Beginning With S

S-9 mix S (Svedberg unit)
Sampling distribution SAR
Sarcoma Satellite
Satellite chromosome Satellite DNA
Saturation mutagenesis Scaffold
Scanning hypothesis Scientific method
Screening technique Second division segregation (SDS)
Second-site mutation Secondary oocyte
Secondary sexual character Secondary spermatocyte
Secondary structure Sector
Sedimentation Segmentation
Segregation Segregation, rule of
Segregational load Segregational petite
Selection Selection coefficient (s)
Selection differential Selection-mutation equilibrium
Selection progress Selective medium
Selective neutrality Selective system
Self Self-assembly
Self-fertilization Selfed
Selfish DNA Semiconservative replication
Semisterility (half sterility) Sense strand
Sequence tagged site (STS) Ser
Sex chromosome Sex-controlled trait
Sex determination Sex-determining region Y (SRY)
Sex-influenced trait Sex-lethal
Sex-limited trait Sex linkage
Sex linked Sex-ratio phenotype
Sex reversal Sex switch
Sexduction Sexual selection
Sexual spore Shine-Delgarno hypothesis
Shotgun technique Shuttle vector
Siblings(sibs) Sickle-cell anemia
Sigma factor Signal hypothesis
Signal peptide Signal recognition particle
Signal sequence Signal transduction cascade
Silent mutation SINE
Single-strand binding protein Sister-chromatid exchange (SCE)
Sister chromatids Site-specific recombination
Skew SnRNP
Sociobiology Solenoid structure
Somatic cell Somatic-cell genetics
Somatic doubling Somatic hypermutation
Somatic mutation Somatic-mutation theory
Somatostatin SOS box
SOS repair SOS response
Southern blot Spacer DNA
Specialized (restricted) transduction Speciation
Species Specific-locus test
Sperm cell Spermatid
Spermatocyte Spermatogenesis
Spermatogonium Spermiogenesis
Spindle Spiral cleavage
Spirillum Spliceosome
Splicing Spontaneous mutation
Spore Sporophyte
Stabilizing selection Stacking
Staggered cuts Standard deviation
Standard error of the mean Stasipatric speciation
Statistic Statistical distribution
Statistics Stem-loop structure
Steroid receptor Stochastic
Strain Stringent factor
Stringent response Structural gene
Submetacentric chromosome Subtelocentric chromosome
Subvital gene Sum rule
Supercoil Supercoiling
Supergene Superinfection
Supersuppressor Suppressive petite
Suppressor gene Suppressor mutation
Survival of the fittest Svedberg unit
Sympatric speciation Synapsis
Synaptonemal complex Syncytial blastoderm
Syncytium Synteny
Synteny test Synthetic medium

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