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Weather Terms Beginning With A

Absolute humidity Absolute instrument
Absolute temperature Absolute temperature scale
Absolute zero Absorption
Absorption hygrometer Accretion
Accuracy Accuracy rating
Acid Rain Acre-foot
Actinometer Actual pressure
Adfreezing Adiabatic
Adiabatic process Advection
Advisory Aeolian
Aeolian anemometer Aerial
Aerograph Aerometeorograph
AGL Air current
Air density Air Mass
Air meter Air Pressure
Airlight formula Albedo
Albedometer Alert
Allard's law Alter shield
Altimeter Altimeter setting
Altocumulus (AC) Altostratus
Amplification: (Amplfctn) Anabatic
Anabatic wind Analog
Anemo-biagraph Anemoclinograph
Anemoclinometer Anemograph
Anemometer Aneroid
Aneroid barograph Aneroid barometer
Aneroid capsule Aneroidogram
Angstrom compensation pyrheliometer Angstrom pyrgeometer
Angular Momentum Antenna
Antenna pattern Anticyclone
Anticyclonic Rotation Antitriptic wind
Approximate absolute temperature scale Arctic Air
Arctic High ARDC model atmosphere
ASOS Aspiration meteorograph
Aspiration psychrometer Aspiration thermograph
Aspirator Assmann psychrometer
Asynchronous Atmometer
Atmoradiograph Atmosphere
Atmospheric pressure (barometric pressure) Atmospheric radiation
Attenuation ATTM
ATWC Audio-modulated radiosonde
Aurora Borealis Automated Weather Station
Avalanche AVHRR
Aviation weather forecast Aviation weather observation

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