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Weather Terms Beginning With C

CAA Calibration
Calibration error Calm
Calorie Calorimeter
Campbell-Stokes recorder Canadian hardness-gauge
Candle CAP
Capillary collector Captive balloon
Carbon Cardinal winds
Carrier frequency Carrier wave
Carry-over CAT
Catch Ceiling
Ceiling balloon Ceiling classification
Ceiling light Ceilometer
Celsius Celsius temperature scale
Centibar Centigrade temperature scale
Centimeter-gram-second system Chance (CHC)
Channel storage Chinook
Chronograph Chronometric radiosonde
Chronothermometer Cirriform
Cirrocumulus Cirrostratus
Cirrus Cirrus (CI)
Cistern barometer Classic Event
Clay atmometer Clear
Clear-air turbulence Climate
Clinometer Closed Low (Cut Off Low)
Cloud Cloud base
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Cloud Formations
Cloud height Cloudburst
Cloudy CMOS
Coalescence Coastal Flooding
Cockeyed bob Code-sending radiosonde
Cold Advection Cold-air Funnel
Cold Core High Cold Core Low
Cold Front Cold Pool
Collector Color temperature
Comb nephoscope Combined error
Comma Cloud Commutator
Compass points Compensated pyrheliometer
Condensation Condensation nucleus
Condensation Pressure Deficit (Cond Pres Def) Condenser-discharge anemometer
Conduction Conductivity
Confluence Conformal coating
Conq Considerable Cloudiness
Constant-level balloon Contact anemometer
Continental Air Mass Convection
Convection (Cnvtn) Convective Instability
Convergence Cooling-power anemometer
Coriolis Effect Coriolis Force
Corona Coronagraph
Cotton-region shelter Counterradiation
County Warning Area (CWA) Creeping
Crosswind Cumulonimbus
Cumulus Cumulus Cloud (CU)
CWA Cyclogenesis
Cyclone Cyclonic Circulation (or Cyclonic Rotation)

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