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Weather Terms Beginning With D

Dambreak Flooding Damping ratio
Data acquisition Dead band
Decibar Deepening
Deformation thermometer Deformation Zone (Dfrmtn Zn)
Degree day Degree-day
Degree hour Delay distance
Delta temperature Dense Fog
Depression Dew
Dew cell Dew-point hygrometer
Dew Point (or Dew-point Temperature) Dew-point spread
Dewpoint Dewpoint Depression (TDD)
Diabatic process Diamond-Hinnman radiosonde
Differential Advection Diffluence
Diffuse solar radiation (sky radiation) Diffusion hygrometer
Digging Digital
Dines anemometer Dines radiometer
Direct solar radiation Dirty High Or Ridge
Discharge Disdrometer
Disk hardness gauge Distance constant
Disturbance Diurnal
Diurnal Effects Divergence
Divq Dlad
Dobson spectrophotometer Doppler Radar
Dosimeter Double-theodolite Observation
Downburst Downdraft
Downstream Downward total radiation
Downwind Dpng
Drainage area Drifting Snow
Drizzle Dropsonde
Drosometer Drought
Dry adiabatic lapse rate Dry-bulb temperature
Dry-bulb thermometer Dry Slot
Dust Devil Dust Storm
Dust Whirl Dynamics

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