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Weather Terms Beginning With F

F scale FA
Fahrenheit Fahrenheit temperature scale
Fair Fcst
Feed Fiducial point
Fiducial temperature Field elevation
Filling Fire-danger meter
Fire Up Fire weather
Firmware Firn
Flash Flood Flight forecast
Float barograph Float-type rain gauge
Floating pan Flood
Flood Stage Flurry
Fly In The Ointment Flyoff
Foehn Fog
Fogbow Foot-candle
Foot-pound Footlambert
Forecast Forecast Periods
Forel scale Fortin barometer
Free balloon Free lift
Freeze Freezing Level
Freezing nucleus Freezing point
Freezing Rain Freezing Rain (Drizzle)
Frequency modulation Fresh breeze
Fresh gale Front
Fropa Frost
Frost-point hygrometer F.S. output
FSK Fuel-moisture
Fujita Scale (or F Scale) Funnel Cloud

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