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Weather Terms Beginning With H

Hail Hair hygrograph
Hair hygrometer Half duplex
Halo Halos
Hard Freeze Hardware
Haze Hazemeter
Head wind Heat Index
Heat Low Heavy Snow
Helicity Heliograph
Heliostat Heliotropic wind
Helium (He) Hexadecimal
Hi-reference signal HIC
High High Pressure
High wind High Winds
Histogram Holosteric barometer
Hook gauge Horizontal Vorticity
Horse Latitudes Hot film anemometer
Hot wire anemometer Humidity
Humidity coefficient Humidity element
Humidity strip Hurricane
Hurricane beacon Hurricane Force Wind Warning
Hurricane wind Hydrogen (H)
Hydrograph Hydrography
Hydrologic accounting Hydrologic balance
Hydrologic Cycle Hydrology
Hydrometeor Hydrometer
Hydrophotometer Hydrosphere
Hyetal Hygristor
Hygrodeik Hygrogram
Hygrograph Hygrometer
Hygroscope Hygroscopic
Hygrothermograph Hygrothermoscope
Hypsometer Hysteresis

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