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Weather Terms Beginning With I

Ice crystals Ice Jam
Ice point Ice Storm
Icing-rate meter IFLOWS
IFR Illuminance
Impactor Inaccuracy
Inch of mercury Index
Indian Summer Indicator
Inert gas Infiltration
Infiltration capacity Inflow
Infrared radiation Input (or input signal)
Insolation Instability
Instrument Instrument correction
Instrument error Instrument exposure
Instrument flight rules (IFR) Instrument landing system (ILS)
Instrument shelter Instrument weather
Interceptometer Interface
International Geophysical Year International index numbers
International synoptic code Interpolation
Inversion Inverted Trof
Invof Iridescence
Isallobar Isentropic Lift/Decent
Iso-elastic spring Isobar
Isobaric Isodrosotherm
Isohel Isohume
Isohyet Isolated
Isonep Isophane
Isopleth Isopluvial
Isotach Isotherm
Isothermal layer Isotropic radiation
ITCZ Ivory point

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