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Weather Terms Beginning With M

M meter Macroburst
Magnetic wind direction Magneto anemometer
Magnetograph Magnetometer
Manometer Mariah
Marine barometer Marine Push
Marine rainbow Marine thermometer
Marine Wind Warnings Maritime Air Mass
Marvin sunshine recorder Maximum thermometer
Maximum-wind level Maxwell's law
MCS Mean radiant ternperature
Mean temperature Measurable
Measured accuracy Melting level
Melting point Meniscus
Mercury Mercury barometer
Mercury-in-glass thermometer Mercury-in-steel thermometer
Mercury thermometer Mesocyclone
Mesoscale Meteorogram
Meteorograph Meteorologist
Meteorology Meter-ton-second system
MIC Michaelson actinograph
Microbarm Microbarogram
Microbarograph Microburst
Micropluviometer Microprocessor
Microseism Microwave Radiation
Mid/Upper Level Support Millibar
Minimum thermometer Mirror nephoscope
Mist Mixing Depth
Mixing ratio MM5
Moby Dick balloon Moderate breeze
Moderate gale Modulation
Moisture Axis / Ridge Mole
Moll thermopile Monsoon
Mos Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Sunny (Mostly Clear) Mount Rose snow sampler
Mountain barometer Moveable scale barometer
MSLP Multiple register
Multiplexer Muskingum method

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