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Weather Terms Beginning With P

P-E index P-E quotient
P-E ratio Pacific High
Package Parahelic circle
Parallel data transmission (parallel output) Paranthelion
Paraselene Paraselenic circle
Parhelion Parity
Partly Cloudy (Partly Sunny) Pascal
Pascal's law PBL
Peak gust Pendulum anemometer
Penetrometer Percolation
Permafrost Permeability
Pers sunshine recorder Personal equation
Pg Phasing
Phenolic Phot
Photoelectric cell Photoelectric transmittance
Photographic barograph Photometer
Photopolarimeter Phytometer
Pibal Piche evaporimeter
Pilot balloon Pilot balloon observation
Pineapple Connection Pitot tube
Pitot tube anemometer Pluvial
Pluvial index Pluvioscope
Polarimeter Polariscope
POP Popcorn Convection
Positive Isothermal Vorticity Advection (PIVA) Positive Tilted Trough
Potential evapotranspiration Potential Instability
Potential temperature Potentiometer
Potometer Precipitable Water
Precipitation-effectiveness index Precipitation-evaporation quotient
Precipitation-evaporation ratio Precipitation gauge
Precipitation (PCPN) Pressure
Pressure altimeter Pressure gradient
Pressure jump Pressure-plate anemometer
Pressure tendency (barometric tendency) Pressure-tube anemometer
Price meter Primary rainbow
Probability of Precipitation Profiler
Prog Progressive Flow Or Progressive Pattern
PROM Propeller anemometer
Protected thermometer Protocol
PSK Psychrograph
Psychrometer Psychrometric calculator
Psychrometric tables p.t.u.
PTWC Pulse-time
Punch (Or Push) Pwat(S)
Pyranograph Pyranometer
Pyrgeometer Pyrheliometer

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