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Weather Terms Beginning With R

Rabal Radar
Radar theodolite Radar wind system
Radarsonde Radial Velocity
Radiance Radiant energy
Radiant-energy thermometer Radiation
Radiation Fog Radiation pattern
Radiation shield Radiator
Radio atmometer Radio direction-finder
Radio theodolite Radioactive snow gauge
Radiometer Radiosonde
Radiosonde balloon Radiosonde commutator
Radiosonde modulator Radiosonde observation
Radiosonde-radiowind system Radiosonde recorder
Radiosonde transmitter Rain
Rain Gauge Rain gauge shield
Rain-intensity gauge Rainbow
Raindrop spectrograph Ram penetrometer
Random Random error
Range Rankine temperature scale
Raob Rawin
Rawin target Rawinsonde
RDF Reach
Real-time Reaumur temperature scale
Receiver Recording potentiometer
Recording rain gauge Reduction
Reference operating conditions Reflected solar radiation (reflected global radiation)
Reflection rainbow Reflectivity
Reflectometer Reflector
Register Relative Humidity
Relative Humidity (RH) Repeatability
Report Reproducibility
Resistance thermometer Resolution
Response Response time
Retreater Retrograde
Reversing thermometer RFC
Ridge Rime
Ring Of Fire River basin
River forecast River gauge
RMS Robitzsch actinograph
Rocketsonde (meteorological rocket) Rockoon
Rossby Waves Rotating multicylinder
Rotation anemometer Ruc
Runoff Runway visibility
Runway visual range (RVR)  

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