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Weather Terms Beginning With S

Salinometer Satellite Photo
Saturation Savart polariscope
Scale Scatter
Scattered Clouds Scattered radiation
Scattered Showers Scattering coefficient
Scintillation Scintillorneter
Scud Sea Breeze
Sea level pressure Sea Surface Temperature (SST)
Sea water thermometer Secchi disk
Secondary instrument Secondary rainbow
Seisomograph Sensing element
Sensor Serial data transmission (serial output)
Severe Thunderstorm Shear
Shelf Cloud Short-wave radiation
Shortwave (or Shortwave Trough) Shower
SIGMET information Signal conditioning
Significant level Simplex
Sine galvanometer Siphon barograph
Siphon barometer Six's thermometer
Sky cover Skyhook balloon
Slant range Sleet
Slight Chance Sling psychrometer
Smog Snow
Snow Advisory Snow bridging
Snow Flurries Snow flurry
Snow gauge Snow grains
Snow pellets (soft hail) Snow sampler
Snow stake Snow survey
Soil evaporimeter Soil moisture
Soil thermometer (geothermometer) Solar constant
Solar radiation Solarimeter
Solid-state device Sonic anemometer
Sonic thermometer SOO
Sounding Southern Oscillation
Span SPC
Specific humidity Spectral hygrometer
Spectral solar radiation Spectroheliograph
Spectrohelioscope Spectrophotometer
Spectropyreheliometer Spirit thermometer
Splayed tail Spring Tide
Squall Squall Line
Stable Air Stacked
Staff gauge Stage
Standard atmosphere Standard error
Standard level (mandatory level) Static pressure vent
Station pressure Stationary Front
Statute mile Steering Winds (or Steering Currents)
Stevenson screen Still well (or stilling well)
Storm Storm Warning
Straight Line Winds Stratiform
Stratocumulus Stratosphere
Stratus Strong breeze
Strong gale Subsidence
Subtropical Jet Sunshine recorder
Supercell Supercooled Water
Supernumerary rainbows Sustained Winds
Swells Switching power supply
Synchro Synchronous
Synoptic Synoptic Scale (or Large Scale)
Synoptic weather observation  

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