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Weather Terms Beginning With W

WAA Wall Cloud
Warm Advection Warm Front
Warning Warning stage
Watch Water
Water balance Water budget
Water equivalent Water-flow pyrheliometer
Water-stage recorder Water table
Water Vapor Water year
Watershed Waterspout
Watt Wave
Wave pole Wave recorder
WCM Weather
Weather Balloon Weather glass
Weger aspirator Weighing rain gauge
Weight barograph Weight barometer
Wet-bulb depression Wet-bulb temperature
Wet-bulb thermometer WFO
White body Whole gale
Wien's law Wild fence
Wilting point Wind
Wind Advisory Wind Chill
Wind direction Wind gust
Wind passage Wind rose
Wind run Wind Shear
Wind sock Wind speed
Wind Vane Wind vector
Wind velocity Windmill anemometer
Winds aloft Winds-aloft observation
Winds-aloft plotting board Windward
Windwave Windy
Wiresonde Wireweight gauge

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