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Enviromental Science Terms Beginning With S

Sacrifical Anode Safe
Safe Water Safener
Salina Saline water
Salinity Salt flat
Salt meadow Salt Water Intrusion
Salts Saltwater
Saltwater intrusion Salvage
Sampling Frequency Sanctions
Sand Filters Sandstone
Sanitary Landfill Sanitary Sewers
Sanitary Survey Sanitary Water (Also known as gray water)
Sanitation Saprolite
Saprophytes Saturated Zone
Saturation Savanna
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Scrap
Scrap Metal Processor Screening
Screening Risk Assessment Scrub-shrub wetland
Scrubber Sea level
Secondary Drinking Water Regulations Secondary Effect
Secondary Materials Secondary Standards
Secondary succession Secondary Treatment
Secure Chemical Landfill Secure Maximum Contaminant Level
Sediment Sediment Yield
Sedimentary rocks Sedimentation
Sedimentation Tanks Sediments
Seed Protectant Seep
Seepage Seepage face
Seepage line Seepage velocity
Seiche Selective Pesticide
Semi-Confined Aquifer Semiconfined aquifer
Semivolatile Organic Compounds Senescence
Septic System Septic Tank
Service Connector Service Line Sample
Service Pipe Set-Back
set standards to protect human health and welfare for six pollutants Settleable Solids
Settling Chamber Settling Tank
Sewage Sewage Lagoon
Sewage Sludge Sewer
Sewerage Shading Coefficient
Shale Shallows
Sharps Shoal
Shock Load Short-Circuiting
Shrubland Sick Building Syndrome
Signal Signal Words
Significant Deterioration Significant Municipal Facilities
Significant Non-Compliance Significant Potential Source of Contamination
Significant Violations Silt
Siltation Siltstone
Silviculture Single-Breath Canister
Sink Sinkhole
Sinking SIP Call
Site Site Assessment Program
Site characterization Site Inspection
Site Safety Plan Siting
Skimming Slough
Slow Sand Filtration Sludge
Sludge Digester Slurry
Small Quantity Generator (SQG-sometimes referred to as "Squeegee") Smelter
Smog Smoke
Soft Detergents Soft Water
Soil Adsorption Field Soil and Water Conservation Practices
Soil bulk density Soil Conditioner
Soil Erodibility Soil Gas
Soil horizon Soil Moisture
Soil Sterilant Soil water
Soil-water pressure Solder
Sole-Source Aquifer Solid Waste
Solid Waste Disposal Solid Waste Management
Solidification and Stabilization Solubility
Solute Solute transport
Solution Soot
Sorption Source Area
Source Characterization Measurements Source Reduction
Source Separation Source Term
Source-Water Protection Area Sources of airborne particulates include
Sparge or Sparging Special Local-Needs Registration
Special Review Special Waste
Species Specific capacity
Specific Conductance Specific discharge
Specific retention Specific storage
Specific Yield Spill Prevention, Containment, and Countermeasures Plan (SPCP)
Spit Spoil
Sprawl Spray Tower Scrubber
Spring Spring Melt/Thaw
Stabilization Stabilization Ponds
Stable Air Stack
Stack Effect Stack Gas
Stage Stage II Controls
Stagnation Stakeholder
Standard Sample Standards
Start of a Response Action State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)
State Environmental Goals and Indication Project State Implementation Plans (SIP)
State Management Plan Static head
Static Water Depth Static Water Level
Stationary Source Sterilization
Sterilizer Storage
Storage coefficient Storativity
Storm Sewer Storm surge
Stratification Stratigraphy
Stratosphere Streamflow
Stressors Strip-Cropping
Strip-Mining Structural Deformation
Subchronic Subchronic Exposure
Subirrigation Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
Submersed plant Subsidence
Substrate Subsurface water
Subtidal Subwatershed
Suction Sump
Superchlorination Supercritical Water
Superfund Supplemental Registration
Supplier of Water Surface Impoundment
Surface Runoff Surface Uranium Mines
Surface Water Surface-Water Treatment Rule
Surfacing ACM Surfacing Material
Surfactant Surrogate Data
Surveillance System Susceptibility Analysis
Suspect Material Suspended Loads
Suspended sediment Suspended Solids
Suspension Suspension Culture
Swale Swamp
Synergism Synthetic Organic Chemicals (SOCs)
System With a Single Service Connection Systemic Pesticide

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