50 Science Research Paper Topics & Ideas for Students

Science is an amazing study area. Besides touching on our daily lives, science helps us to identify how various phenomena come to be. Unfortunately, the thrill of science rarely applies in research paper writing. 

Often, students struggle to focus their attention on one topic in the multitude of science topics to write about. Other students also find themselves stuck with controversial topics in science, struggling to focus their attention on a specific issue, therefore, submitting inadequate claims for their papers. 

This article will highlight some tips for selecting a science topic and share some scientific topics for research papers to guide you in topic selection. 

How to choose a science topic

We advise that you keep the following suggestions in mind when choosing a science topic. 

  1. Choose a broad topic that interests you

Selecting a compelling, all-inclusive subject that sparks your interest is the first step in preparing your scientific essay. 

  1. Read extensively about the topic

Finally, scan a number of research articles to identify any knowledge gaps you believe call for additional study. This process gives you a wider perspective to approach the paper by educating you on the subject and allowing you to get more familiar with the research gaps. 

  1. Concentrate on one particular topic area

After choosing a topic, focus on a particular research question. By doing this, you will be able to eliminate all doubt from your study and maintain the objectivity of your analysis. Be sure your chosen topic has a clear goal and outlines the context, audience, and research technique of your study before going on to the next step. 

Science research paper topics

Controversial science topics

  1. Pedigree breeding and its moral justification
  2. Can DNA be used to establish guilt?
  3. Should we use science to resurrect extinct plant species?
  4. Risks associated with genetic engineering
  5. Do we still need nuclear weapons today?
  6. Advantages of marijuana for health
  7. Do immunizations contribute to autism?
  8. Is it appropriate to employ science to prolong life?
  9. The abomination that is chick culling

Earth science topics

  1. Adverse consequences of a meteor hit
  2. Describe the nature of the earth’s crust
  3. Why is oceanography important?
  4. Explain the link between the sun, moon, and earth
  5. Mountains and their underlying tectonic forces
  6. Will there be insufficient freshwater for the human race?
  7. How fossil fuels are created on Earth
  8. Is mars a planet we can live on?
  9. The harm coal mining does to the environment

Environmental science topics

  1. Study the relationship between industrialization and acid rains
  2. A critical analysis of the past ten years’ worth of man-made environmental disasters
  3. Analyze the connections between environmental and energy laws
  4. Natural resources and developing economies’ contributions to stabilizing environmental problems
  5. Examine the likelihood of the US implementing the EU’s renewable energy directives
  6. How to lower carbon emissions and what laws did the UK use to achieve this?
  7. Critically examine any environmental law from any country of your choice
  8. What are the chances that humans will be able to stop and slow down global warming?

Good science topics

  1. Were mask requirements, lockdowns, and other mitigating strategies successful in slowing the spread of COVID-19? Did they stop serious illnesses and fatalities?
  2. Is specializing a more advantageous tactic for farmers?
  3. Does a man’s physical activity have a beneficial or negative impact on the DNA features he passes on to his offspring?
  4. How can cancer patients be treated with nanotechnology?
  5. What drives viral evolution? Do viruses always change over time to become less dangerous?
  6. What connections does COVID-19 have to SARS, MERS, and other coronaviruses in humans?
  7. Do men who live longer pass genetic defects to their offspring?
  8. How might the usage of antibiotics in agriculture be minimized?

Science research topics

  1. Are nanofibers the solution to treating brain and spinal cord injuries?
  2. Why does breast cancer affect so many women?
  3. Can a cancer vaccine be created?
  4. Why is it so challenging to eradicate malaria?
  5. How do cells defend the body from illness?
  6. How are scientific issues resolved via video games?
  7. How will robots advance medical technology?
  8. How has biology been altered by bioinformatics?

Science topics for middle school

  1. Why do people behave differently in various contexts?
  2. Do you think it’s appropriate for boys and girls to compete on the same sports team?
  3. The impact of the internet on how we live
  4. How is the brain impacted by sleep deprivation?
  5. Should we allow our scientists to test medications on animals?
  6. The consequences of smoking on the body
  7. Can technology improve your intelligence?
  8. What happened to amazing extinct animals?

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