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Other Science Terms Beginning With C

Calorie Cancer
Cap Carcinogen
Carcinogenesis Carcinogenic
Carcinogenic Potency Carcinoma
CAS Registration Number Cask
Cells CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Restoration and Compensation Liability Act)
CFR CH (contact handled) waste
Chronic Chronic Effect
Chronic Exposure Chronic Toxicity
Cladding Cleanup
Closure Cohort Study
Collective Dose Commercial Waste
Commercial Waste Management Facility Committed Dose Equivalent
Committed Effective Dose Equivalent Comparative Risk
Compliance Monitoring Composite Sample
Concentration Ratio Confidence Interval
Confined Aquifer Confounding Factors
Consent Decree Contamination
Contingency Plan Continuous Sample
Controlled Liquid Waste Cooperative Agreement
Corrective Action Cost-benefit Analysis
Cost-Effective Alternative Cost Recovery
Cost Sharing Cradle-to-Grave or Manifest System
Criteria Criteria Pollutants
Critical Effect Critical Mass
Critical Organ Criticality
Cumulative Dose Curie (Ci)

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