Planning Your Coursework

Students should ensure they give out a portfolio that has three assignments. Each of the assignments should have a maximum of 800 words. They choose to complete the assignments in the order they want, but the work should get presented in a particular way. The mark for the above portfolio is 80, whereby 65 marks are credited for the writing while the rest is for Reading.

  • Assignment 1: You write to discuss
  • Assignment 2: You write to describe
  • Assignment3: You write to narrate


You have to include the portfolio in the first draft of any of the above assignments. You can choose to either handwrite or type. Ensure that you use a dictionary where necessary and check your spellings.

The Length of Coursework

The discussion on the first draft should have details concerning the length. It should also state whether the material to get cut so that the writing can be effective. There is no prescription of either minimum or maximum words for the assignment. It is excellent to write around 500 to 800 words for each assignment. If you choose to pass 800 words, that will be up to you. There should never be a deduction of the marks if a student exceeds 800 words. For you to be on the safe side, do the right thing by writing around 500 to 800 words without writing less or more. If you write too many words, it can be hard for you to meet all the requirements and have fewer marks. To have the correct content and Style, you do not have to write a lot of things because you’ll confuse yourself.

The responsibilities of  Teachers

  • Teachers should set assignments that meet all the requirements and do not surpass the learners’ abilities
  • They should assess if the assignments are effective
  • They should use a mark table to mark each student’s work out of the total stated marks. They should later add all the marks from the three assignments to come up with the exact points.


Incomplete Folders

The contents should get assessed using the essential table of descriptors to give marks for every assignment.


It is an act of writing another person’s work as your own. It can happen in numerous ways. Such as:

  • If you do not acknowledge quotations
  • If you use phrases and sentences of authors without mentioning them
  • Writing a point that is slightly different from a particular author
  • If you spend your money to buy a project online and present it as your work
  • Pasting work from the internet without acknowledgement
  • Letting someone different right the work on behalf of the author


You have to ensure that your work is original because plagiarism can lead to many problems. It is not a good idea to copy someone else’s work. If you’re having problems writing, it is better to seek help. The consequences for plagiarism are severe, and teachers should not protect students who have such a mistake. To avoid plagiarism, you can check your work before submitting it so that you make the necessary corrections. For learners not to have plagiarism mistakes, it is suitable for teachers to get them in class. Teachers should not fail to check for plagiarism mistakes because if they do, students will continue to do the same, leading to other problems in the future. If you have any doubts about a particular assignment, take your time and not submit it immediately.


If you want your work to be excellent, both your structure and organization should be on point. For a paper to be successful, the overall structure is vital, and the paragraphs should also get arranged correctly so that each of them makes sense. The only way you can show confidence with your paper is by doing the right thing. The reader will only give your paper attention if you give him or her numerous reasons too. You need to think about the climaxes, the opening sentences, and also the endings. You have to balance each section of a paper so that it looks solid and original. Writing becomes easier when you know what you’re doing, and for you to be on the right path, your ideas have to be structured correctly.

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